Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The "Dot-Green" Boom?

Bruce Sterling, an author I enjoy, published an article in the Washington Post on Sunday announcing the "Dot-Green" boom. In My Dot-Green Future Is Finally Arriving.", he claims that we're in be beginning of an inevitable movement that will sweep business.

Who knows? Bruce is one bright dude.

We do a lot of thinking about green and sustainable business here at HDS. Take a look at our yearly letter from our president, Vicky Nosbisch, Green Is Good For Business."

We think about what we do, buying, refurbishing, and selling network equipment as an essentially green business. There's very little equipment that comes our way that ends up on the way to being broken down into components for final recycling. Yes, we're a business and we're in this to make money, but we do feel good about what we do. It give us a sense of pride when we take a rack full of unused equipment and send it back into useful life.

We're doing other things towards greener practices, too. We have a project now in place to see if we can largely eliminate the majority of printing and paper we go through. We'll keep you posted on our progress with that over the course of the year.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Hello World


We've been talking about stepping up and starting a company blog for some time, so I guess today is as good a day as any to kick things off. Like many businesses, we're so busy it's hard to set aside time, especially on a daily basis, to keep something like this updated, but we think it will be worth it.

For those of you that don't know us, here's the elevator pitch: Horizon Datacom Solutions buys, refurbishes, and sells network hardware.

What's that mean? We buy used switches, routers, firewalls, wireless access points, and other types of networking gear from businesses all over North America. We work with data center managers, IT directors, and small business owners, among others. They tell us about the gear they have - they may be upgrading, expanding, or reconfiguring in some way and no longer need it. We evaluate it and offer a fair price - paid in cash or credit to use to purchase other equipment from us.

Once we buy the used equipment, we bring it into our facilities in Columbus, Ohio where we test every piece, repair and refurbish, as needed. Then we store it in our warehouse (we'll post pics soon).

Then we sell it. Either on our web site http://www.horizondatacom.com, direct to our customers, or through eBay auctions.

Sounds pretty straight forward, doesn't it? Well, many days, it is.

Then again, there are days where we deal with customers who have emergencies and we bend over backwards to get them a router or switch to get them back up and running. Or when we run across a piece of counterfeit hardware (we'll post on counterfeits in depth). Or we get shut down in a snow emergency, like we did for a day and a half last month.

And there's a lot to keep up with. We handle equipment from Cisco, Extreme Networks, Alteon, Enterasys, F5, Foundry Networks, HP, Polycom, SonicWall, and more.

So, I think we'll have plenty to post about.

Please let us know what you're interested in hearing about from us - email us, post a comment here, give us a call!